Essential for better night vision and appearance of your vehicle

Headlight Oxidation RemovalIt is important to clean and keep your car in good condition.  Did you know that headlights become hazy, cloudy and even yellow in time?  Despite your best efforts to keep them clean, you may notice little to no improvement.  The light from you headlights may be greatly reduced on the road, causing visibility problems.

Why do headlights oxidize even when you keep them clean?

Vehicle headlights are now made of a special plastic.  Although very strong, the plastic is also very porous.  Heat, UV rays, chemicals and harsh environmental conditions causes the plastic to eventually oxidize making your car look older and decreasing light output from headlights.

Poor performing headlights from your vehicle, reduces your vision in the dark.  Reduced vision greatly increases your chance of a collision.

Do not neglect your headlights!Removed Oxidation from Headlight

Protect yourself, your loved ones and your vehicle.  Let Magic Miracle Mobile Detail make your headlights like new and keep you safe on the road!

Oxidation removal of both headlights:  $85.00 plus tax